Weng Fen- retrospective from 2001 to 2005

Among most of his photos, Weng Fen chooses to capture the views from a strange and familiar angle, which introduces an aspect of a new generation facing these big cities in China under a permanent mutation. In the series of “Ridding on the Wall”, a stone wall separates the future and the past. Sitting on the wall, the school uniform girl turns her back to the audience, looking faraway to a new world, always on progression. Weng Fen express the sentiment which mixed with the curiosity of the adolescence today, anxious but afraid to discover the immense cities where an unknown and uncertain future is waiting. As a barrier crossing between two spaces of time, the wall symbolize artist’s critical point of view toward these huge metropolis of the contemporary society. Architectural rigour presents a sort of minimalist composition in which geometric lines composed by horizontal wall and vertical skyscrapers.


The eclectic universe of Weng swings between utopia and nightmarish reality. He interprets the quotidian life, the violence, ant especially the internal displacement in scene, accompanying with the expectation of his models facing to the erected blocky urban machines. A silent observation consists of doubts, fears, but also certain hope… Even without using languages, artist obtains a constant ethnologic boulevard. With a surprising existential and artistic maturity, his photos explore the truth, self experience and pass on the deep reflection of decline, helplessness and uncertainty.


His images show an ambivalent world which present and future represent a link and a rupture of time. A hidden question reveals the issue of identity and cultural alienation.