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1. Mao
2. Mao



1966  Born in Jilin Province 

1987  Changchun Normal Academy 

Solo Exhibitions 

2006  Zen Painting, Must Be Art Center, Beijing 

         Xin Dong Cheng International Art Studio, Beijing 

         VIPS International Art Galleries, Holland Cotter 

2005  Percipience, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing 

Chinese Contemporary Gallery, London 

Marella Gallery, Beijing 

2004  Marella Space Project, Como 

2003  Red Gate Gallery 

2002  3rd World Art Exhibition, Milan 

         Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai 

2000  Reflecting on Tradition, Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong

           Ideal Image of Huang Yan, Beijing Contemporary Art Gallery 

Group Exhibitions

2007  Contemporary China: Codes, visions and representations of the contemporary 

        Chinese art, Rome Italy

2006 Post Electronic Image, Must Be Art Center, Beijing

         Relic, Irrawaddy Art City, Chicago

       Out of the Red-II: The Photographic Session, Marella            Gallery, Milan, Italy

       Between Past and Future, Seattle Art Museum,Seattle; 

       Victoria and Albert Museum, Chicago 

       Ceramics, Must Be Art Center, Beijing

2004  The Body Everywhere, Museum of Contemporary Art, Marseilles, France

         Officinal Asia, Museum of Contemporary Art, Bologna, Italy

2003  Imaging China and Huang Yan, New York

         Distance Measuring, Shenzhen Video Art Festival

Polish International Video Art Festival, Warsaw, Poland

Italy International Video Art Festival, Rome

Prague Biennial, Prague

Mirage Heaven, Prague, Czech Republic


1. Mao paysage de printemps, Huile sur toile, 150x150 cm, 2008
2. Mao paysage de printemps, Huile sur toile, 150 x 120 cm, 2008