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1. Sitting on the wall
2. Sitting on the wall
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3. Sitting on the wall
4. Sitting on the wall
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5. Staring at the lake
6. Staring at the sea
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7. Bird s eye view
8. Bird s eye view
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9. Bird s eye view
10. Bird s eye view
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11. Bird s eye view



1961  Born in Hainan. 

1985  Graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou, China. 

Solo Exhibitions

2009 Weng Fen-Beautiful new world, Poznan, Poland.

2008 Weng Fen-Beautiful new world, JamJar Gallery, DuBai,  

Weng Fen-My Olympics, Contemporary Art Society, Rome, Italy.

2007 My Olympics, Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing, China. 

Schöne Aussichten: Weng Peijun’s photo, Kunsthalle Faust, Hannover, Germany.

Weng Peijun’s Heaven, Galeria Moriarty, Madrid, Spain.

Return of the Silent Traveller,Lowood Gallery, Armathwaite, UK; 

2006 Return of the Silent Traveller, International Gallery 34A Slater Street, Liverpool, UK

A World Within A World, Red Mansion Art Foundation, London, U. K.

Utopian Highland, Art Center of Providence University, Taichung, Taiwan.

Time is Money – Let Some People Get Rich First, Galerie Urs Meile, Lucerne, Switzerland.

2004 Chinese Viewing the World, Weng Fen Staring at the Sea, Tang Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand. 

2003 Weng Fen Photo Work, Marella Arte Contemporanea, Milano, Italy.

Group Exhibitions:

2009  Art Fair, Art Paris, YU Gallery, Paris, France(Group)

 Stairway to Heaven, H&R Block Artspace At Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas, USA

 Spectacle -- To Each His Own, Museum Of Contemporary Art, Taibei, Taiwan 

2008  Mahjong: Contemporary Chinese Art from the Sigg Collection, Berkeley Art Museum, Los Angels, USA

 La cina e vicina, PAN-palazzo delle arti di napoli, Naples, Italy.


2007  Red Hot: Asian Art Today from the Chaney Family Collection, Museum of Fine Arts, USA.
          China under Construction, Deborah Colton Gallery, USA.
          De leur temps (2) Art Contemporain Et Collections Privées 

Musee de Grenoble, France.

 Lewis Gluckman Gallery, University College, Cork, Ireland. 

 Zhù yi! Fotografía actual en China! Artium, Centro-Museo Vasco de Arte Contemporaneo, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain.

 Thermocline of Art - New Asian WavesZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany 

 RegenesisMuseum of Contemporary Art Haikou, China 

 City Expressions,Tallin Kunstihoone, Estonia.
2006  Weng Fen (Weng Peijun) & Yang YongArt Statements Gallery

Fantasy and Future, Metropolitan Museum, Manila, Philippe.

2005 Cattura L'ombra: Chinese Contemporary Photography, Roma International Photography 

Grounding Reality, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea.

 Double Vision - 1st Lianzhou International Photo Festival, Lianzhou, Guangdong China. 

  City_net Asia 2005, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea.

Follow Me- Chinese Art at the Threshold of the New Millennium,

Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan.

Unspeakable Happiness, Museo Tamaya Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico.

Always to the Front—China Contemporary Art, Taipei Guangdu Art Museum, Taipei, Taiwan.

Between Past and Future: New Photography and Video from China

Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK; Seattle Art Museum, Seattle;

Smart Museum of Art and Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Chicago.

2004 Die Chinese: Contemporary Photographs and Video in China, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Wolfsburg, Germany.

China, the Body Everywhere? Marseille Museum of Contemporary Art, Marseille, France.

2003 From China: Contemporary Art Photography, Arhus Artist Mansion, Danmark.

A Strange Heaven - Contemporary Chinese Photography, Galerie Rudolfinum, Prague,

Chinese Contemporary Art, Kristianstads Konsthal, Sweden.

1st Prague Biennale, Czech.

Alors, la chine? Centre Pompidou, Paris, France.

Out of the Red, Marella Arte Contemporanea, Milano, Italy.

2002 Paris-Beijing, Espace Cardin, Paris, France


1. Sitting on the wall-haikou(1), C-print, 50 x 60 cm, tirage à 12+2EA, 2001

2. Sitting on the wall-haikou(3), C-print, 80x100 cm, T10, 50 x 60 cm,T12, 2001

3. Sitting on the wall-guangzhou (1), C-print, 50 x 60 cm, tirage à 12+2EA, 2004

4. Sitting on the wall-guangzhou (3), C-print, 80x100 cm/50x60 cm, tirage à 10,2002

5. Staring at the lake(1), C-print, 80 x 100 cm, tirage à 10, 2004     

6. Staring at the sea(7), C-print, 80 x 100 cm, tirage à 10, 2004      

7. Bird's eye view-new BeiJing(1), C-print,105x132+105x132cm, tirage à 10+2EA, 2007

8. Bird's eye view-new Haikou, C-print, 80 x 100 cm tirage à 10+ 2 EA, 2002

9. Bird's eye view-chongqing, C-print, 125x160 cm,T8,80 x 100 cm,T10,2005

10. Bird's eye view-new BeiJing(4), C-print, 105 x 132+105 x 132cm,9/10,2007 

11. Bird's eye view- new BeiJing (2), C-print, 105x132+105x132 cm, T10