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1. Lost paradise No.9
2. Lost paradise No.8
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3. Lost paradise No.7
4. Lost paradise No.6
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5. Lost paradise No.5
6. Lost paradise No.2
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7. Lost paradise No.1



1971  Born in Jiangsu Province.

1995  Graduated from the Department of Arts and Crafts of Jiangsu Xuzhou Engineering Institute.

Solo Exhibitions

2006  The Story of Youth. LiuJin solo Exhibition,F2 Gallery,Beijing.

Ascending Angel. LiuJin solo Exhibition,George Michell Gallery,Shanghai. 

Group Exhibitions     

2008  THE ORIENTAL RAINBOW, An Index Of Images in China’s Urbanization Process  

Magee Art Gallery,Madrid 

           Hefero Imagery, A Kind of Psychology of Urban image, 798 photo gallery 

          Image Fabrication and Contemporary Photo-Imagery Art, Chinablue Gallery

2007  "La Cina e' vicina", PAN - Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli.

ZhuYi,Chinese Contempary Photography, ARTIUM, Vitoria

Dragon’s Evolution, China Square, New York

The 38th Arles Photograpy Festival  Arles France.

Art Exhibition of Digital soul, China art seasons, Beijing.

Assimilateing reckons, Gefeng Art Institution  Shenzhen China.

China Now Lost In Transition, Eli Klein Fine Art   New York

2006  Ruins-an exhibition of new video and photography from China.The Institute of Visual Arts(Inova Gallery one)at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Self-landscapes in Transition-Chinese Avantguard Photography

Since 1990, 

ASIA Art CENTER ( Beijing). 

2005  Vehicle And Mirror lmage------Beijing New Art Projects.798 Beijing

Ruins' Flowers - Contemporary Photographic Works Exhibition  

Old Ladies' House Art Space  Macau

After 70s-The Generation Changed by Market . Ming Yuan Culture Art Center Shanghai Centre chor raphique nationalde Tours direction Bernardo Montet

THE BOOK OF IDEAS – chinese and irish group exhibition :art scene warehouse shanghai . 

Nouveaufes . Sans Limifes  ----Beijing

2004  OFFICINA ASIA- Bologna Galleria d’ Arte Moderna. Cesena,Galleria Comunaled’ Arte-Palazzo del Ridotto e Galleria d’ Arte Ex- Pescheria.Rimini,Palazzo dell’ Arengo.Italy.                      Crisis Of The Rral_|Ruhrland Museum Essen Germany. 

           Time to image imitation -Beijing ,TaiWan Soka Art Center .

Tian An Men--Photography Exhibition,Chinese Eyes Gallery Paris France.

Sense Of Frajility--Italian Embassy-Cultural Office BeiJing. 

2003  Out of The Red ----Chinese Art Now , Trevi Flash Art Museum, Italy.

          Images against War, Galerie Lichblicht, Cologne, Germany. 

I am China ---- 2003 Chinese Photography Annual Exhibition, SOHO modern city, Beijing.

Breath --- Chinese Contemporary Photography, Washington Square Galleries, New York 

Prague Biennale 1, Prague, Czech Republic.

2002  Counterfeit --- 2002 Chinese Photography Annual Exhibition, BASA, Beijing.

View and Distance --- Photography Exhibition, There Bar, Beijing.

Second Pingyao International Photography Festival,Pingyao,

Shanxi Province. China.

Out of Loss --- Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hammo Art Gallery, Beijing.

2001   Scar--- Chinese Conceptual Photography Annual Exhibition, Exhibition Hall of Capital Normal University, Beijing.

Constructed Reality --- Beijing Conceptual Photography, Hong Kong Arts Center. 

Zero Degree-Contemporary Art Exhibition, Bridge Art Factory, Beijing.

Knowledge is power-Contemporary Art Exhibition, Xidan Books Center, Beijing.

Stars in Happy Life, an independent film shot in August, Beijing.

2000   First Open Art Platform, 1st International Performance Festival,

           Huairou County, Beijing.

Usual and Unusual, Shanghai Yuangong Art Museum.

Plane, contemporary art invitation exhibition, China Women’s

Activities Center, Beijing.

1999   Out of  Control, Beijing Design Museum.

Popular Images of 1990s in China, International Exhibition Center, Shanghai. 

Beijing Contemporary Art Documenta, Goethe Institute, Beijing.


1. Lost paradise No.9, C-print, 95 x 130 cm tirage à 5, 2007

2. Lost paradise No.8, C-print, 95 x 130 cm tirage à 5, 2007

3. Lost paradise No.7, C-print, 95 x 121 cm tirage à 5, 2007

4. Lost paradise No.6, C-print, 95 x 133 cm, tirage à 5, 2007

5. Lost paradise No.5, C-print, 95 x 140 cm, tirage à 5, 2007

6. Lost paradise No.2, C-print, 120 x 157 cm, tirage à 5, 2007

7. Lost paradise No.1, C-print, 95 x 167 cm, tirage à 5, 2007