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1. The Passage of Time
2. Goodbye Tiananmen
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3. Sens of space-reading
4. Sens of space-growing


 GAO Brothers

Gao Zhen, 1956 Born in Jinan, China

Gao Qiang, 1962 Born in Jinan, China

Solo exhibition

2008  "Sense of Space" Gao Brothers Photography and Sculpture Exhibition, 

         Galerie Art Mûr, Montreal, Canada

         "Some Space for Humanity", Gao Brothers Photography Exhibition, 

         Ifa Gallery, Shanghai, China

         "The Gao Brothers", Vallois Gallery, Paris, France

         "The Utopia of Construction", Gao Brothers Photography Exhibition, 

          Gao Brothers Center For Contemporary Art, Beijing, China.

2007  "The Gao Brothers", Albert Benamou Gallery, Paris / France

          "The Gao Brothers", Limn Gallery, San Francisco / USA

          "The Utopia of 20 Minutes Embrace", Brandenburg Gate, Berlin / Germany

          "Another World" Gao Brothers Photography Exhibition, Arles Photo Festival / France

          "The Gao Brothers", Box Art Gallery, Verona / Italy

          "The High Place", Gao Brothers Photography Exhibition, Walsh Gallery, Chicago / USA

2006  "Miss Mao" Gao Brothers' Sculpture and Photography Exhibition, 

           Krampf / Pei Gallery, New York / USA

          "One and Together", Gao Brothers Photography Exhibition, Moscow House of Photography 

           Gallery on Solyanka, Moscow / Russia

          "The passage of Time", Gao Brothers Photography Exhibition,

           La Galerie Guislain Etats d' Art, Paris / France

          "The Utopia of Hugging", London, Nottingham, Marseilles

          "Trope of Body: Gao Brothers' Photography Exhibition", Beijing New Art Projects, Beijing / China

2005  "One Abandoned Building’s Visual Story" — Photography, Beijing New Art Projects / China

2002  "A Dinner With The Homeless People" - Performance, Jinan / China

2001  "Embrace: Gao Brothers' New Works", Courtyard Gallery, Beijing / China

2000  "Fuse: Gao Brothers' Photography", Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai / China

1995  "The End of Mankind", Gao Brothers', Installations, Jinan Painting Institute, Jinan / China

Group Exhibitions

2008  "Mahjong", Contemporary Chinese Art from the Sigg Collection, 

          The Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley / USA

          "China…Forward", China Contemporary Art, TSUM, Moscow / Russia

          "Découvertes: retour de Chine", Galerie Albert Benamou, Paris / France

          "Ah!We", Chinese Contemporary Art 1978-2008, China National Theater, Beijing / China

2007  "China Under Construction", Contemporary Art from the People’s Republic, 

          Beborah Colton Gallery, Houston / USA

2006  "Between Past and Future", New Photography and Video from China, 

          Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin / Germany

2005  "The Second Reality: Photographs From China", Piazza of Berlaymont building, 

          European Commission, Brussels / Belgium

          "Tian An Men - Tian An Men - Gate to Heaven", 

          Foam Photography Museum, Amsterdam / Netherlands

          "Placed in China", Walsh Gallery, Chicago / USA

2001  "Nice International Photography Festival: Chinese Album", 

          Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nice / France

         "Mao Y'a Pas Photo", the Espace d' Art Contemporain of La Rochelle, Paris / France


“Some Space for Humanity -Gao Brothers Solo Exhibition”, Ifa Gallery, Shanghai, 2008

“Gao Brothers”, Vallois Gallery, Paris, 2008

“Gao Brothers”, Albert Benamou Gallery, Paris, France 2007

“Gao Brothers - Another World”, Arles Photo Festival,2007

“Gao Brothers”, Boxart Gallery, Verona, 2007

“Gao Brothers – The High Place”, Walsh Gallery, Chicago, 2007

“Gao Brothers - 1985-2005”, Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House, 2006

“Gao Brothers - The Passage Of Time”, Paris, 2006


1. The Passage of Time No.1

2. Goodbye Tiananmen, C-print, 80 x 100 cm 1/10, 2007

3. Sens of space-reading, C-print, 117 x 150 cm, 2000

4. Sens of space-growing, C-print, 87 x 150cm, tirage à 5, 2000